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Brenau OT Students Experience Mexico

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Understanding global health issues and the benefits of health, well-being and community services within international communities is an integral part of understanding the human condition in any culture, city or country.

Since 2006, Brenau students have traveled to Yucatán, Mexico to learn about community health systems and develop an in-depth understanding of the local culture and its influence on health and wellness. Students return recognizing the value of cross-cultural experiences and social determinants of health in their education.

Your gift will be used to support students during this unique educational opportunity by funding their travel expenses, including air and ground transportation, accommodations, and local guide fees.

Donations are applied to...

Your donation will decrease the personal cost of each student’s travel, lodging, and meals as they participate in the week-long on ground itinerary including attending university, clinical,

community, ecological/archeological site tours and lectures.

ANY amount helps defray costs overall - GRACIAS!

Why are donations necessary?

Students are experiencing many personal and financial challenges as they pursue their educational dreams. For graduate students, federal aid available to assist with their tuition and scholarships is limited. Many students who pursue graduate degrees take on personal loans and work multiple jobs to cover the cost of their education. This trip is an exciting opportunity that may be unobtainable to many as the expense is not included in their tuition fees. 
Your donation will allow students to PARTICIPATE AND ENGAGE with persons, health care providers, educators, and community members in informal and formal ‘classroom’ experiences in order for them to learn. Most importantly, students will gain an appreciation for how the people of Yucatán, Mexico manage their health and well-being in the natural and built environment.
These insights will equip future professionals to provide culturally relevant services in any field they choose to pursue post-graduation.  

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